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We are a non-profit Equine & Horse rescue farm in Temple, TX. Come visit us and get to know the beautiful horses we have saved. Rescue. Adopt. Ride. Love.


We rescue horses and equine from abandonment, abuse and kill pens to become family and live out the rest of their lives in peace.


Registration and companionship included. Our horses are waiting for their forever home.

Riding Lessons

Schedule time with one of our trainers to learn everything from voice commands to grooming.

Non Profit Rescue

Peaceful Acres TX is a 501C3 EQUINE RESCUE.

Everything we do is non-profit. When you adopt or come to take riding lessons at Peaceful Acres, that all goes back to providing the best care and training for the horses we rescue.

Also educational classes, horse camps, bit and bridle badges for scouts, birthday parties, photo sessions, training classes, ground work, easy breaking and boarding facilities are available.

There are several volunteer opportunities. We are a teaching barn. If you have a young one that loves horses, wants to be a veterinarian, run a equine facility or just have their own horse, then Peaceful Acres Farm is the place they will learn everything there is to learn about these amazing creatures and have fun doing it safely!

Our Mission

Part of our mission is to educate the community and future generations how to cultivate a bond with equine and horses that will last a lifetime. It's about providing a chance to spend time with the equine, learn about them, ride them, fall in love and adopt them for a new chance on life.


We take our rescues seriously and even more important to us are our adoptions. It's priority to us that our rescues go to a loving and secure home. Our families who adopt do so after significant amounts of time visiting and getting to know their new family members.


All rescues get ongoing medical checkups, shots, shoes, feed, training and even chiropractic adjustments! Everything we generate from riding lessons and fees goes back into the care and love for the rescues on our farm.

  • Checkups
  • New Shoes
  • Chiropractic Adjustments
  • Weather Blankets
  • Kept Shelter
  • Everything!

Our Team


Hi! I'm Jenna, and I have a 3 year old daughter who I love sharing this horse life with. I grew up in the Army and I loved riding horses. It was the one constant in my life and no matter where we moved I was able to ride and the rules were the same. I rode English when I was young and then switched to Western. I moved to Japan when I was in high school and took a long break from riding. I started looking for a barn last year and found Peaceful Acres. I love the community at this barn and I have learned so much. I help with lessons and teach the basics to kids and adults. I have adopted 3 horses from Peaceful Acres. I love seeing the confidence that comes from learning to ride!


Hello my name is Aria I was raised in Jacksonville fl . I ran barrels in Florida and showed animals when I moved to Texas. I've been around horses my entire life . As the head trainer at peaceful acres, I'm there to educate people of all ages on how to ride. What I do is everything from grooming and tack to riding safely.


My name is Faith and I am 23. For over a year now I have worked with Peaceful acres as a horse handler. My major is a Bachelors in Wildlife Biology. At Peaceful Acres I give riding lessons, help care for the horses and train. Growing up I rode horses off and on and have always had a love for them. It's been my dream to work with them and now I not only work with over 30 horses, but rescue horses at that too!



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